Release notes

Download latest version 1.1 for existing users.
There are the release notes for each version below

Released on July 27, 2016
  • Added the ability to create a backup of the database
  • Added the setting window
  • Added the ability to move existing library to to any place. It can be Dropbox, Google Drive or another place or cloud storage
  • Added confirmation popup when deleting a moodboard
  • Added support JPEG format
  • Added color fill for images with transparent background
  • Fixed a small bug with scroll
  • Fixed a bug when you delete bookmark
  • Fixed a bug with adding image for moodboard
  • Fixed an issue with added multiple images
  • Fixed a bug with the long title of bookmark
  • Fixed an issue with slow speed of changing the title of bookmark
  • Fixed a bug when the long image was blurred
  • Fixed a bug when new note was not saved
  • Fixed a bug when items are not deleted after you remove the moodboad
  • Fixed a bug with autoupdater
  • Improved stability and bug fixes
Released on May 26, 2016
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